Who we are

In kitchen-speak, the “back of the house” is where good food is born. It could mean the working kitchen of restaurants or the chefs, sous chefs, line cooks and the whole kitchen staff that make your “front of the house” dining experience awesome.

For us, the back of the house is where culinary ideas are sliced and diced, baked and cooked into gastronomic delights.
This is a place of learning, collaborations and finding one’s own culinary expression.
Our back of the house is a culinary event space that can transform to whatever your whim and fancy may be.
Want to learn how to cook a certain cuisine for your family, friends or just for your own enjoyment? Check.
Want a space to shoot food editorials or cooking videos? Check.
Want to test if your food concept will fly before you make the big leap into opening your own restaurant? Check.
Want to throw a party with awesome food? Check.
Or, do you just want to treat yourself to good food? Check.

We are whatever you need the back of the house to be.


JOSE GAERLAN – Culinary Director

Jose or Peepoy as we love to call him is our culinary rockstar. He graduated with a BS International Hospitality Management, major in Culinary Arts from Enderun Colleges. But what makes him such a heavy hitter are his credentials right after culinary school – he was Commis de Cuisine (Assistant Chef) at Alain Ducasse Formation et Conseil in France, a Gold Medalist in the Dream Team Category at the Philippine Culinary Cup during the World Food Expo in 2012. He was F&B Supervisor in the Hyatt Regency Resort, Casno and Spa in Lake Tahoe and a member of the Opening Team of the VIP Kitchen of Solaire. Aside from setting the direction of Back of the House, Peepoy is also the face of the company as we shove him in front of the camera any chance we get.


PHILIP LOUIS SALVADORManaging Partner / Head Chef

Philip graduated with a degree in BS International Hospitality Management, major in Culinary Arts from Enderun Colleges. He was the Poissonnier (Fish Chef) at the 58 Tour Eiffel in Paris, France, you know, one of the restaurants in the Eiffel Tower. He’s not just an expert in fish, he was also a Bronze Medalist in the Pork Category at the Philippine Culinary Cup during the World Food Expo back in 2012. Phil’s magic is his way of transforming into Gordon Ramsey one minute and then shifting to our version of Boy Logro the next. His workshops are always dynamic, unpredictable, fun and definitely informative. Phil is also the most consistent face of Back of the House as he is rarely ever gone. Even with rentals and shoots, He is always here to support every renter.



Booboo can’t cook to save her life that’s why Back of the House is also a home to those food enthusiasts who don’t necessarily have the knife skills of a Japanese sushi chef. She is a communications graduate from DLSU with a masters degree in business in the same university. She worked as managing partner in a production house, a producer for cable shows,  an event strategist in a below the line agency, & a marketing manager in an NGO – all quite far from the hospitality industry all together. What she brings to the table is the curiosity of the normal Joe who just wants to learn a few new recipes, eat amazing dishes and discover new food experiences in an unconventional venue. Her goal is to make Back of the House a place for everyone, not just culinary experts.



Concepcion Zulueta

Leandro Atayde III

Victoria Del Rosario

Cynthia Diaz

Jose Adolfo Zarate